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2:12 PM December 7, 2017

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2:12 PM December 7, 2017

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Janica Nam Floresca thanked Anne Curtis.

JANICA NAM FLORESCA – Franco Hernandez’s girlfriend Janica Nam Floresca thanked Anne Curtis for the actress’ touching message for her.

For the previous months, countless hearts had been broken because of the death of the “kilig” ambassador and Hashtags member Franco Hernandez after a tragic incident they have encountered in a resort.

According to a previous report, they were on their way back to North Lamidan, Don Marcelino town when the banca they are in was hit by a big wave which caused them to jumped into the water.

Janica Nam Floresca

As the people who are operating the water transportation pulled them back, Franco was already unconscious.

And when he is brought to the nearest clinic, he was already found dead upon arrival.

Aside from the family who is still probably in deep grief upon great loss, Franco’s girlfriend Janica, was also hurting.

Janica Nam Floresca

And recently, on the Twitter account of Janica, is where she shared the private message the actress and host Anne Curtis has sent her.

Janica Nam Floresca

The message of the Kapamilya artist contained, “Hi Janica. It breaks my heart to hear about Franco. I know you don’t know me but I wanted to Send you my deepest condolence… I’m so sorry.. Franco was such an amazing man. So kind and friendly…. will continue to pray for you and your heart. Be strong.”

Janica Nam Floresca

Photo grabbed on Twitter (@thisisjanicanam)

This post has then gathered comments from the people of the social media community.

Here are some of the comments obtained from the post:

This is the reason why I love her and I admire her. She is real, generous, lovable, caring.. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. I love you Anne!? I would love to meet you one of these days God bless 🙂

Be strong andto lng kami para sau

nandito lang kaming lahat para sayo, ate  just pray always, god bless

What can you say about this?

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