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3:01 PM November 22, 2017

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3:01 PM November 22, 2017

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Michael V preparing for his exit in Bubble Gang.

MICHAEL V – The Kapuso actor and veteran comedian, Michael V, is preparing to leave the long-running gag-comedy show “Bubble Gang” after 22 years of stay.

According to a report from the Inquirer, the comedian Michael V is set to leave the gag-comedy show where he worked for more than two decades, the “Bubble Gang”.

As per the report, he has been the “binding force” of the show being one of the casts and the creative director.

Therefore, due to his absence, the running of the show would be quite “unimaginable”.

michael v

Photo grabbed from YouTube/ PepTalk

However, at some point, he already has foreseen that he has to leave the show – he has to “graduate”.

And currently, he is in to train and to guide the newer casts of the show.

“I feel compelled to teach them. I’m simply waiting for people to step up. They’re good performers, but no one writes or is part of the creative team—wala pa so far ’yung full package,” he said during an interview for the 22nd anniversary of the said comedy show.

The 47-year-old comedian even further added that there is something that can be taught but he can always inspire them.

“They all have potential. I will be leaving the door open—it’s up to them to step up and enter,” he said.

He admitted that leaving the show has crossed his mind.

michael v

Photo lifted from GMA News

He has this plan to pursue filmmaking to which has been long overdue because of his tight schedule.

The comedian indicated, “I want the show to continue, not necessarily with me or the same cast. We stick to original material as much as possible. If we have to copy or spoof something, we spiff it up so it becomes a signature ‘Bubble Gang’ gag.”

What can you say about this?

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