Jim Paredes Reacts On Losing EU Aid To Philippines

Pinoy TV Personality Jim Paredes Reacts OnLosing EU Aid To Philippines

The Filipino TV personality Mr. Jim Paredes has reacted on losing the financial assistance from European Union (EU) to the Philippines.

Jim Paredes is a Filipino musician known for being a member of APO Hiking Society, producer, photographer, TV personality, producer, and activist joining different rallies and protests.

The musician has been also known for creating the anthem of the 1986 People Power Revolution entitled “Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo,” which was also recorded by 15 Australian artists in the same year.

Jim Paredes

Recently, the 66-year-old TV personality has reacted on losing the grants from the European Union, which could be a big help for Mindanao through posting on his Twitter account.

Paredes expressed his disappointment to the announcement issued by Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella saying that the Philippines will reject all types of aids and grants coming from the European Union (EU).

Malacañang explained that although the country refused to accept aid condition, it was still open to welcome trade and constructive advice from EU.

Jim Paredes

Here is the post of Paredes on his social media account:

“It’s final, no more EU aid to the Philippines. Close to 300 million dollars, a lot going to Mindanao, gone!”

The celebrity’s post has garnered different reactions from the netizens:

Lovely Balala: ahay! nalungkot kb Mr.Paredes??wala na kyong kupit?”

Jhon Manuel: “Kaloka! Pwedeng pagaralan muna how EU FUNDING works before making such remark.”

Ianne Benson: “Let’s see how Mindanao will be rehabilitated without the EU money 🙂 let’s not jump to conclusions yet. Remember Martial Law?”

Laban Pilipinas: “Oh Di ba Sabi nyo iba tong admin na to?! Why are you asking that question? Are you expecting this admin to do the same!!”

Raine Hayden Gayda: “Oh Di ba Sabi nyo iba tong admin na to?! Why are you asking that question? Are you expecting this admin to do the same!!”

PattiParada: “Dude, keep abreast of real news para alam mo ang kaganapan and you don’t post silly questions like that.”

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