Dennis Padilla Reveals Hardest Part Of Separation, Admits Shortcomings To Kids

Dennis Padilla Talks About His Relationship with His Kids

DENNIS PADILLA – Actor, comedian, and now filmmaker Dennis Padilla revealed the hardest part for him after he and Marjorie Barretto separated.

Dennis Padilla has three kids with Marjorie Barretto – the young Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto, the singer from the Barretto clan Claudia Barretto, and their only son Leon Barretto.

However, the marriage of Dennis and Marjorie, unfortunately, came to its end several years ago and there was a time when the actor-comedian was in a rift with his kids who wanted to change their surname from Baldevia, the real surname of Dennis, to Barretto.

Based on a recent report in Pep, Dennis Padilla, later on, gave up on the legal battle with regards to the changing of the surname of his kids and chose to reconcile with them.

Dennis Padilla and Kids
Photos from IMDb | Instagram: @dennisastig

Recently, the actor-comedian appeared on Tonight With Boy Abunda wherein he talked about some aspects related to his being a father to Julia, Claudia, and Leon.

According to Dennis, his relationship with his kids is better now as they no longer talk about the rift they had before. He shared that during the first time that he saw his children again, he just hugged them and told them that he loves and misses them.

The comedian-actor also shared that whenever he would ask them out to a dinner and they are not available, he no longer feels like he wanted to force things.

“Hindi pala puwede kasi, kailangan hindi mo siya ipuwersahin. Kailangan dahan-dahan din yung pag lapit sa kanila,” he said.

Based on the report, the actor-comedian admitted that he has shortcomings as a father to his three children and he has already apologized to them and to God about it. He expressed his regret that he was not there most of the time during the growing the growing years of his children.

According to Dennis, he never experienced dressing them or taking them to school. The actor-comedian also expressed that since they separated he never got to experience sleeping with them again.

“Mula noong naghiwalay kami, hindi ko na-experience na makatabi ko sila pagtulog. Iyon yung pinakamahirap na part noong paghihiwalay,” he revealed.

In the present, Dennis Padilla enjoys a better relationship with his children. Based on a report, he has even met Joshua Garcia, the suitor of his eldest daughter Julia Barretto when she brought him during their meet-up.

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