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President Duterte Spotted Riding In Jeepney After Driving Taxi In Davao

After Driving Taxi In Davao, Netizen Allegedly Spotted President Duterte Riding In A Jeepney

President Duterte was allegedly spotted by a netizen riding in a jeepney following the report that Tatay Digong was driving a taxi in Davao City.

Most of the Filipino knows that Mr. Rodrigo Duterte was such a very humble person although he was currently sitting at the country’s highest position. His simplicity and big heart for the poor prompted the Filipinos to vote him as the President of the Philippines.

Previously, the photos of President Rodrigo Duterte went viral after some of the passengers saw him driving the taxi they have taken for a ride.

President Duterte

Recently, another Facebook user named Denzel Nestor Tingzon thought that he saw Mr. Duterte sitting beside him while riding in a public jeepney.

Tingzon said that he fell asleep while riding a public utility vehicle and got surprised when he opened his eyes and thought that he saw the president beside him.

President Duterte

The photo has a caption of:

“Re: So ‘yun nga po ano, naka idlip po ako sa jeep noong nakaraang Biyernes. Tapos pag gising ko biglang bumilis ‘yung tibok ng puso ko, akala ko si Pres. Duterte na ‘yung kasabay ko sa jeep.”

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