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Netizen Shares RMN Iloilo’s Hilarious, Funny Response Over Class Suspension, Respond Goes Viral

RMN Iloilo’s funny response to a netizen goes viral.

RMN ILOILO – The funny and the hilarious response of the RMN Iloilo shared by a netizen to his inquiry over class suspension immediately went viral

Definitely, with the wide connection that has been brought by social media sites to the people as long as an internet connection is present, communicating has become the easiest thing to do.

Because of these social networking sites, you can reach out to anyone you would like to talk to with just some few taps on the screen of your gadgets.

And this has been a great help to the people, most especially now that incidents occurs at the most unexpected time.

Just like the post from a netizen named Fritz Calicaran obtained from his Facebook account.

He asked a certain radio station over class suspension due to the heavy rains brought by the storm and the response so hilarious the reason why it has become viral.

Here is the conversation:

Netizen: Goodmorning wala gid declaration of suspensions? (Good morning. Is there any declaration of suspensions?)

Radio Station: Wala sang klase sa preschool kag elementary schools sa siyudad sang Iloilo sa private kag public school subong nga adlaw base sa mandu ni acting Mayor Jose Espinosa III (There is no class in preschool and elementary schools in the City of Iloilo today according to the orders of the acting Mayor Jose Esinosa)

Netizen: Ang mga college ya kay lang maglusong sa baha? (Is it okay for the college students to go on despite the flood?)

Radio Station: MAY BUOT KA NAMAN, KABALO KA SANG SABAT SA PAMANGKOT MO (You are already a grow up so you should know what is the answer to your question)

Take a look at the photo below:

rmn iloilo

Photo lifted from Facebook/ Fritz Calicaran

What can you say about it?


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