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8:55 AM September 5, 2017

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8:55 AM September 5, 2017

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Gretchen Barretto did this during Atong Ang’s birthday celebration.

GRETCHEN BARRETTO – The famous actress Gretchen Barretto was spotted to be doing this during the 60th birthday celebration of her ‘travel buddy’ Atong Ang.

According to a report from the Philippine Entertainment Portal (Pep), it was last week when the grand birthday celebration of Atong Ang has been celebrated at the grand ballroom of Marriott Manila, Pasay City.

And one of the busiest during the party is Gretchen Barretto, Atong’s friend.

On the Instagram account of Gretchen Barretto, in one of her posts, a video of her has been entailed with a caption that told, “The countdown begins, 6hours to 12 midnight = 59 / 60 years. I am not the one turning 60. I’m 47 years old.”

The video depicted her in a red cocktail dress with long sleeves in flowing and uneven hem.

On her posts in the said social media site is also where she stated that Atong is a “travel buddy” of her together with some of their friends and she also called him “chino cappuccino”.

Atong Ang has been introduced to the public when he became a member of the ‘Midnight Cabinet” of the former president of the Philippines, Joseph Estrada.

And during the celebration, Gretchen Barretto once again showcased her talent in singing. She sang for her friend and probably, to entertain other guests as well.

On a previous report, Gretchen and Atong have been a controversy because of their photo to where they were caught at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport with body guards.

But it has been clarified in a policy that no escort or unauthorized person shall be inside the airport.

Nevertheless, together with Gretchen who attended the celebration is her long-time partner Tony Boy Cojuangco.

It was at 12 midnight, the official birthday of Atong to which the party reached its peak. The guests sang the “Happy Birthday” song to Atong before he blew the candles on the cake.

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About Last night ❤️

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Chino cappuccino turns 59/60?oh yes…. I am a ?????

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About Last night ??

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About Last night ???

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