Hayden Kho Caught Dancing With Piolo Pascual Before Parisian Wedding, Here’s Reason Why!

Hayden Kho and Piolo Pascual caught on cam dancing prior the wedding ceremony.

The groom and now the husband of cosmetic doctor Dra. Vicki Belo, Hayden Kho, was caught dancing together with Piolo Pascual prior the solemn ceremony of the Parisian wedding.

Truly, the wedding of Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho have just lived up the reputation being tagged on it even before it has happened, the “Wedding of the Year.”

Every little detail of the wedding speaks of wealth, uttered elegant taste, and so much preparedness that is likely close to perfection.

According to the previous report, the wedding happened last September 2 and it was officiated by Minister Ravi Zacharias.

It was also then revealed that Hayden and Vicki has a prenuptial agreement as it was Hayden Kho who asked for it.

Vicki shared, “Yes, please mention the prenup and say that it was Hayden who asked for it and that Hayden specified that Atom (Henares, Vicki’s ex-husband. — RFL) do it because he knows how meticulous Atom is.”

September 2, the most-wedding day of Belo and Kho has finally arrived.

However, little did everyone knows yet, prior to the wedding, Hayden was caught dancing with Piolo Pascual who is one of the best men of the Parisian wedding.

A video has been obtained from the YouTube channel of Pinoy Showbiz Latest.

On the video, Piolo and Hayden were dancing on some trance music as their body moves to the rhythm of the sound.

Even though their moves were minimal, still they danced so manly to shake off the nervousness of Hayden.

But despite every thing, it is evident on Hayden’s face how happy he is for his upcoming wedding to the woman he loved the most in the world.

Watch the full video below:


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