Zark’s P8 Burger Promo Causes Commotion In Malls Nationwide

Zark’s P8 Burger Promo Causes Commotion In Different Malls Nationwide

Zark’s P8 burger promo caused a commotion on all of its branches in different malls nationwide due to customer’s crowding outside Zark’s Burgers outlets.

Zark’s Burgers is one of the most popular brands of burger in the Philippines, because of its delicious taste. It has also countless outlets and branches nationwide visited by their values customers for their high-quality food products.

On Monday (August 28, 2017), Zark’s Burgers was celebrating its 8th anniversary and offering a P8 burger for their first 80 customers in all of its branches starting 10 am. The promo requires no minimum purchase and it is only valid for dine-in.

Zark’s P8 burger

Recently, numerous Facebook posts about the P8 promo of Zark’s Burgers is now circulating online after it shared in the social media. Some video footage shows hundreds of customers lined up outside the burger outlets just to avail the limited edition promo.

Numerous customers rushed into the Zark’s Burgers branches nationwide as early as 7 am even the promo will start at 10 am just to secure that they can avail the P8 burger.

Unfortunately, the promo causes pandemonium in different malls in the Philippines due to the hundreds of customers hoping to avail the promo.

Zark’s Burgers has also apologized for the inconvenience caused by their promo to other mall shoppers and its customers, explaining that it was intended for all its customer supporting the company for its 8 years in the food industry.

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