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84 Badass Trees Struggle to Live

TREES – Do you know that there are at least 84 badass trees around the world that are standing still to prove that, just like humans, they too deserve to live?

Undeniably, the world now has lots of bald forests and trees could be rarely seen in the cities. That is most likely because of the many needs to cut them or we humans have simply taken a tree as ‘just a tree’.

However, just like us, they too have lives and there are many of them which really desire to grow no matter what it takes. They too can also be tough and refuse to something they don’t like just like dying. Based on a post in Bored Panda, there are at least 84 badass trees which strive to grow and live.

Here are they:

1.  This is a photo of a wooden door with a tree on the side. It looks like the tree is really looking after survival no matter what.


Calvin Lee

2. Falling is not the signal to stop for this tree from growing. It really persevered even after the fall.



3. This tree just can’t stop from growing despite that the cemented-structure beside it tries to stop it.


Brad Grove

4. This tree was cut into two at some point but it went back to each other then parted ways again.



5. It looks like this tree is into great designs. It grew more beautiful even after the fall.



6. A new tree grew seems growing on top of another tree. Real family tree?



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