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80. This is a photo of skates in a tree. Based on the article, an old man, way back when he was still young, hanged his skates on a tree and forgot that he left it there. This is what he found when he went back to the place.



81. This is a photo of a majestic tree in Ta Promh Temple in Cambodia.


CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

82. This is a photo of a tree that struggles to survive no matter what.


Tom Fallon

83. This tree can’t help but grow. Its roots are crawling towards the mainland to get nutrients for the tree.



84. Indeed, life can sprung anywhere. This photo is another proof.


Paul Chesley

Aside from these badass trees’ toughness, it undeniably feels good to know that there are really trees which struggle to live and serve the humanity considering that plants produce most of the oxygen that people are breathing.

These photos which show 84 trees that really persevered to grow and refused to die are proofs that they, too, really deserve to live.

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