Juan Manuel Marquez Celebrates Retirement With Pacman Knockout Cake

Juan Manuel Marquez Celebrates His Official Retirement From Boxing With Pacman Knockout Cake

The former Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez has celebrated his official retirement from boxing with a Pacman knockout cake.

Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez Mendez is a former Mexican professional boxer who’s also a four-weight world champion. He has been known for beating the Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao via knockout.

Pacman and Marquez had fought each other inside the ring for already four times. Marquez was also considered as the best and worst rival of Manny Pacquiao.

The first match of the two great fighters resulted in a draw, but the Filipino boxer was able to beat the Mexican boxer on their second and third match. On their fourth match, Dinamita defeated Pacquiao via knockout during the sixth round of their fight.

Last week, Marquez has officially retired from his boxing career and hanging up his gloves permanently. The Mexican boxer decided to quit boxing after suffering from injury and illness, which disabled him to continue his workouts.

“Making this decision was difficult and hard for me, but somehow positive. We made (the decision) 15 days ago. I injured my biceps (left), I was training and I felt pretty good, I continued training with only the right hand.

“After a month, I started to train, sparring and then I suffered an illness… cold, cough and I cannot be cutting the workouts. That is why this decision is made,” said by Marquez quoted by Rachfeed.

Pacman Knockout Cake

The 43-year-old former boxer has uploaded a photo of his retirement celebration with Manny Pacquiao KO cake, which shows that revenge is best served sweet with icing.

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  1. You knocked him out but he still rose a winner to the world even more …..you think by making that cake will make you more of a champion …..you will never have half of his fame ……you are a bitterwinner so to speak……


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