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Erich Gonzales Rejects Xian Gaza’s Grand Invitation, Shares How To Get Her Attention

Erich Gonzales rejected Xian Gaza’s invitation and shared how do men could get his attention.

ERICH GONZALES – One of the Kapamilya network’s finest actresses, Erich Gonzales, decided not to meet Xian Gaza’s invitation and just shared how men could get her attention instead.

Lately, social media exploded with news about a young CEO, Xian Gaza, and his lavish way just to invite the actress Erich Gonzales for a coffee date.

With all the means money, he rented a billboard written how he liked Erich and the question as well if the actress would want to go out for a coffee with him as well.

And that is when the controversies about him came out and unfolded.

Thus, as per the report of the Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (Push), that after all the revelations that had surfaced, she decided in the end not to meet with her wealthy admirer.

The actress has admitted, “To be honest with regards that issue, noong una just like you guys, na-surprise ako, natuwa naman ako sa effort. As things unfolded, naglabasan yung mga expose about him. Ako naman kasi personally lahat naman ng supporters ko na appreciate ko lahat ng ginagawa nila, malaking bagay o maliit man yan. Nung una okay naman and then parang nagsimula na siyang mag-post ng mga long messages sa social media so parang naging… uncomfortable ako and after talking to my family and friends, I decided not to meet him.”

Another admission from the actress is that she was actually happy for the effort exerted by her admirer but she felt something uneasy for herself.

And for those guys who wanted to pursue the talented and beautiful female artist, just take this which is from the actress herself as mentioned n the report, “You don’t have to do anything grand or whatsoever to get my attention, you know I’m a very simple girl.”

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