Juan Manuel Marquez Lambasted Judges In Pacquiao-Horn Match

Marquez Lambasted Judges In Pacquiao-Horn Match, Noticed Pacquiao’s Critical Mistake

The Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez has expressed his disappointment to the judges in Pacquiao-Horn match upon announcing Horn won the fight.

Marquez was popularly known as “Dinamita” who also fought the Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. He was the boxer who defeated Pacman by knockout with one second remaining in the sixth round.

Dinamita shows support for his former foe even after losing against the Australian boxer Jeff Horn. He was not also convinced that the judges give the victory to Horn, but he also noted that Pacman made one critical mistake during the match.

Pacquiao-Horn Match


The 43-year-old Marquez said that Pacquiao’s failure to finish Horn during the tenth round after badly hurting him in the ninth round was a major factor of his lost. He also said that the tenth round was the perfect round for Pacman to win the fight.

“Well, what surprised me was when he had Horn in bad shape in the ninth, and then he did not go after him in the tenth – and that was a mistake because that round went to Horn. When the referee told Horn to show him something so he wouldn’t stop the fight, Horn came out with everything and at that moment Pacquiao was surprised and also (Freddie) Roach was surprised,” said by Marquez quoted by Kickerdaily.

The Mexican fighter also people should not blame the boxers, instead, they must put the blame on the judges and referees for the result of Pacquiao-Horn match. He also explained that the people should not also blame the boxing.

Pacquiao-Horn Match

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