Tim Sawyer Apologizes To Viral Flight Attendant Video In Very Creative Way

Tim Sawyer apologized to flight attendant’s video he took in the most creative way.

Tim Sawyer, the man behind the viral video of the pretty flight attendant he took while aboard the plane apologized to family in most creative yet sincere way.

The apology video of Tim was uploaded and shared by Tim Sawyer on Facebook.

The video was entailed with captions, “Alam ko na po kong sino si baby… sana bigyan na natin ng Privacy ang Pamilya niya mag hahanap nalang ako ng iba kong baby.. sorry sa F.A na si Mrs Kathy Oblena.”

The voice over the video had been given a title “The F.A. Love Story Gone Wrong.”

according to previous report, the girl’s identity has been identified but then again it was fund out that the pretty flight attendant was already married.

Upon knowing, Tim Sawyer released his deepest and sincerest apology to the girl and to her family  but in the most creative way he could possibly think of.

On the video, it was stated that he was alone travelling to Manila when a certain flight attendant’s beauty caught his attention. And so, in order to know the name of the F.A., he recorded it and uploaded on social media.

His intention of getting the video is to know the identity of the girl because he had admitted that he liked the girl to the point of saying I love you to her and asking her Will you marry me?

It eventually got viral and the flight attendant also expressed her disappointment at such act to which made Tim felt bad about.

At the latter part of the video, he might be really sorry for what he did but he did not regret anything about it as per her statement.

A quotation was also written to which says, “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

He also stretched out his apology to the people who have been affected for what he had done.

Watch his creative yet sincere apology video below:


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