Viral Pretty Flight Attendant’s Identity Finally Revealed

The identity of the viral pretty flight attendant has finally revealed.

IDENTITY – Tim Sawyer’s video of the pretty flight attendant’s identity, whom he accordingly admiring that went viral, has been finally  revealed.

The information about the identity has been shared and reflected on the report from the The Crew Life.

Based upon the report, the name of the pretty flight attendant is Kathy.

Kathy is a flight attendant in the Philippine Airlines. And for those who are yearning that a budding romance between her and her admirer would somehow grow, has seemingly no chance.

Kathy is already married and has a kid.

On the report, Kathy expressed her disappointment for someone was taking a video of her discreetly. She actually did not know that the guy was filming her for she was just thinking that he was just taking videos of the aircraft.

As written on the report, “Though we do know the intention of Tim Sawyer was to show some admiration but sometimes, this can be taken in a different light by others, especially by the one in the video.”

As caution, the site even reminded the readers that some of the airlines are banning these kind of actions like recording their crew while they are on duty.

They are allowed to confiscate your phone and ask you to erase the clip and if you won’t do it, they can possibly arrest you for “breaching a security regulation”.

According to previous report, there were speculations that the girl’s name is Jonabelle dela Cruz. But then it was confirmed on the report above the flight attendant’s name is Kathy.

The moment the video went viral, people of the social media got intrigued by the identity of the flight attendant.

What can you say about it? Check out the photo below:

Photograbbed from The Crew Life article


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