Check Out: Meet Bibay The ‘Awra Briguela’ Of Koronadal City Goes Viral!

‘Awra Briguela’ of the Koronadal City went viral as he poses for the camera like that of a model.

KORONADAL  CITY, PHILIPPINES – A boy from the Koronadal City went viral as he was tagged along by the netizens as the ‘Awra Briguela’ of the said town.

The post was shared by the netizen Domz Vrgin Hilado on his Facebook account.

Based on his post, he was calling the boy “Bibay” and his video had already reached more than 10 million views in just a matter of two days and also collected thousands of reactions, comments and shares  from the netizen.

Of course, the video won’t be viral if the people of the online community did not find his little show entertaining.

In white high heeled shoes, his oversize shirt crinkled up and shorts folded  up above his knees and just a little touch of a technological product, the little boy already dominated online world.

Netizens were laughing and were also happy at the same time because of him.

As shown on the video, the flat and cemented pavement catwalk and the audience are surrounding him.

And there, he made several funny poses matching with his also funny facial expression.

He was not ashamed  doing what he want.

However, there were who does not agree as to what the kid is doing at such young age. They were saying that Bibay is too young  to do something like that.

Obviously, at young age, basing into his actions, his preferred gender is already questionable. But then again he is still young and a lot of things and changes might happen along his growth.

Anyways, change has been the only constant in the world ever since.

Check out the modelling stint he did that made netizens crazy over and became one of the few which made dominance in the social media community:

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