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Look! Vice Ganda Reacts To Alleged Former Boyfriend Terrence Romeo’s Engagement

The comedian Vice Ganda finally reacts to the engagement of his alleged former boyfriend Terrence Romeo.

ENGAGEMENT – Vice Ganda finally spoken up to the engagement his rumored past boyfriend, watch out for his unexpected reaction.

According to the post of ABS-CBN on their Instagram account, Vice finally reacted to the proposal of Terrence Romeo to yet unknown  girl.

Meanwhile, people of social media went abuzz when the point guard and shooting of the Global Port and is a member of the national team Gilas Pilipinas posted his engagement on his IG account.

Based on the post of the player, he shared a photo of an engagement ring still attached on a red box with a written caption, “Thank you, Lord I was able to find my true love in this lifetime… I’m officially off the market! Happy Valentine’s to all. God bless us.”

As for the ‘break up’ with the comedian,  the player is still vehemently denying that there existed a romantic relationship between him and the comedian and that made the people conclude that Vice got affected by the ‘split up’ because of his denials.

However, Vice  Ganda on the other hand is also denying the rumors. He did not confirmed nor neglected it, he just simply wants to stay private on that aspect of his life.

The pain and hurt of the comedian was reportedly and rumored to be reflected on the spoken word poetry stint he did during his concert last February 14 but he denies as he insisted that it just a mere performance and  it only fits  on the event celebrated on that very day.

And Vice Ganda’s reaction to the engagement of the basketball player?

He only stated, “I  don’t want to talk about it.”

The comedian had said those words really as if he is really avoiding the topic.

What can you say about it? Watch the full video below:

Vice talks about current boyfriend, no comment on Terrence Romeo's engagement

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