What This Deviant Man Did To Lady Inside The Church Will Give You Goosebumps

The harassment this man did to ladies inside the church will surely give you goosebumps.

GOOSEBUMPS – A video of a man inside the church while doing “something” on himself, really close at the back of the lady went viral.

Churches of any religion should be respected for it was considered as the home of  God. Yet, unbelievably, what this guy did to the ladies inside the church is not accepted normally and socially.

A woman intentionally recorded the scene for prior to the recorded film, she was the first  victim of the man.

The video was uploaded by Karina Karla Rafaela on her Facebook account for the incident is traumatic to her.

As shown in the video, the guy is clearly really close behind a girl who is solemnly praying while celebrating the mass. the girl is just coughing as if she does know anything around her.

Seconds later, the man suddenly put his right hand in front of him doing something. And the video was taken from the back,  so we cannot tell what he has done.

However, based on the caption of the post, Karina Karla said the guy actually tried on her first but she only gave him a “pissed and disgusted look” which gave her relief as he gets away from her.

But  then she added, “But when I looked at the girl on my left side who’s coughing really really hard, I was surprised na naa napod siya didto nag dikit2x sa likod sa babae, it was really really close that according to the girl she could actually feel his breathing na and his hands behind her. “

The girl on the video tried to move forward dismissing the thought that the guy is harassing her as she doesn’t want to make a scene while the mass is going on.

A concerned citizen who was also inside the church named Honorato Palmero confronted the guy before Karina could. The guy is now under the care of police officers and it was not sure if the victim had filed a case against that assault.

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