Vicki Belo Responds To Allegations Of Blaming Duterte Admin Over Malnourished Animals

Dra. Vicki Belo Responds Allegations Of Blaming President Duterte Over Malnourished Animals In Palawan

Dra. Vicki Belo finally responds to the allegation to her blaming Duterte administration over malnourished giraffes and zebras in Palawan.

Previously, the celebrity doctor Vicki Belo posted the photos of malnourished giraffes and zebras in Busuanga Palawan on her Instagram account. Belo was slammed by the netizens after allegedly blaming President Rodrigo Duterte for the malnourished animals.

Belo said on her post that the giraffes and zebras were donated during Marcos regime and properly cared until the Pnoy Aquino administration, but the animals did not receive any feeds for a month now and have been neglected by Duterte administration.

Vicki Belo

“Can you believe that this is in the #philippines? These animals were donated to us during Marcos regime and have lovingly cared for until P-Noy administration. Unfortunately, since the Duterte administration came in, they have been forgotten and have not received any feeds for a month now. Please help save these beautiful  #zebras and #giraffes” said by Belo on her post.

Although, Belo was able to immediately delete her post after receiving negative feedback from the netizens, but some netizens were able to capture a screenshot from her previous post.

Dra. Belo finally breaks her silence and faced the issue and clarified that she was not blaming the Duterte administration for the malnourished and sick animal who were abandoned in a wildlife park in Palawan.

Vicki Belo


“I want to make it clear that I am not bashing President Duterte. As the leader of our country, he has my support. I’m aware that he has to worry about so many more important things that I’m sure he’s not even aware of this situation,” said by Belo quoted by Trending News Portal.

Belo said that her post aims to catch the attention of Calauit Sanctuary Park’s Management and not to bash the president, but he deleted her post again.

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