Premonition? Facebook Post Of One Tanay Bus Accident Victim Appears To Be Showing Sign

Premonition? An FB post of one of the victims in Tanay bus accident appears to be showing a sign of what will happen.

PREMONITION – The social media post of one of the victims in the bus accident which recently happened in Tanay, Rizal appeared to be showing a sign.

Recently, news reports regarding the bus accident in Tanay, Rizal which took the lives of 15 people and left many others injured are breaking in. Lots of families were left grieving by the incident.

Photo Courtesy of NIÑO JESUS ORBETA / Inquirer

On the social media, lots of posts are related to the tragic incident. One of which is the post of Facebook user Tantan Flores Gunday.

The netizen stated in the caption that Arneline Bonifacio has already bid farewell before the bus accident happened. The post is addressed to Gunday’s batchmates. Along with Gunday’s post are two photos.

The said photos are screen captures of the social media posts of Bonifacio. In the first photo, Bonifacio stated that all her ‘bags are packed’ and she’s ‘ready to go’. In another photo, she stated a message that appears to be like a premonition.

Bonifacio’s post reads: “Tomorrow is the big day. Ilang araw akong mawawala sa mundong ibabaw. Mamumundok ako at pag nakasurvive makakauwi ako ng buhay.”

Bonifacio also stated that she will miss her family, her children, and her lover. She also expressed her hope that the Lord will guide her in her journey.

Based on the time of the post, it was posted at 8:43 in the morning – almost a day before the accident reportedly happened.

In the commentary part of the post of Gunday, lots of netizens expressed their condolences. Some also plan to visit the remains of Bonifacio based on the comments.

One netizen expressed her hope in a comment that Bonifacio ‘may rest in peace’. She also expressed her condolences to the family of Bonifacio. She noted that her kids are still small.

“For sure she will always watch over her kids and family,” the netizen stated.

Screengrabbed from Facebook Post of Tantan Flores Gunday

Based on a previous news report, the bus which is loaded with not less than 58 people are bound for a camping trip when it lost its brakes along Tanay in the province of Rizal and rammed an electric post.

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