Medical Advice Of What To Do If Bitten By A Dog To Avoid Infections

Avoid Infections, Complication Of Dog Bites By Following This Medical Advice

Victims of dog bites in the Philippines have a higher death rate due to rabies infection. Here is some medical advice from an infectious disease expert.

Humans, dogs, cats, and other mammals naturally contain rabies, which is a virus that can affect the spinal cord and brain of its victims. Rabies can be usually transmitted through bites of rabid animals. Immediate medication and treatment are necessary because It may lead to infections and complications if left untreated.

Rabid dogs may show changes in their behavior including apprehension and restlessness. They can be usually sensitive to sound, touch, and light. Paralysis of jaw muscles and throat will also occur; then sudden death will come is the most common signs of rabies. Both human and dog can have a fever if rabies were transmitted.

Medical Advice

Medical experts advised the public to cleanse the dog bite using free flowing water and a soap. Let the blood come out from the wound, then immediately go to the nearest hospital or dog bite center for anti-rabies vaccination.

Victims must observe the dog from 10 to 14 days to determine if the dog was rabid. Rabid dogs were usually showing several signs and symptoms such as drooling, red eyes, hiding in the dark, eating unusual things, and other unusual behavior.

Vaccination of dogs are necessary for the safety of everyone and to prevent rabies infections and it can be also transmitted through scratches. Rabid animals can be turned over to the local animal control near you. Being a responsible pet owner is important, according to Dr. Rey Saliner, an infectious disease expert.

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