Marquez Calls KO Victory Over Pacquiao As “Divine Justice”

Juan Manuel Marquez Calls KO Victory Against Manny Pacquiao As “Divine Justice”

Juan Manuel Marquez calls his knockout victory against Manny Pacquiao last 2012 as “Divine Justice” for his 3 consecutive losses against the Filipino Boxer.

Marquez can’t still stop rejoicing after flooring Manny Pacquiao last 2012. The Mexican said that he is already tired of claiming Pacquiao’s three consecutive victories over him as robbery. So he called his victory last December 08, 2012 over Manny as “Divine Justice.”

Manny Pacquiao claimed his first victory over the Mexican boxer last 2004 via knockout, it was followed by his victory in 2008 via split decision, and also won his match last 2011 via unanimous decision.

“Divine Justice”

But in 2012, Marquez was able to knock out the Filipino boxing superstar with his powerful counter straight right, which hit Pacquiao and knocked him out in the sixth round.

The Mexican boxer said that it was a divine justice for ending the fight in the clearest and forceful way compared to his previous fights. Marquez also refused Pacquaio’s demand for a fifth fight saying that it was no longer required. For Marquez, their previous match is enough for him and another will not be necessary anymore.

“If the fourth (fight) had been just as controversial as the previous ones, I would have personally signed on for the fifth, because I would not have felt good about myself,” said by Pacquiao quoted by ABS-CBN.

“Divine Justice”

Marquez had already decided to decline Pacquaio’s challenge due to the decisive result of their last match in 2012. He also challenges Pacquiao to steal the title from him.

Manny run as the Philippine senator and won on last May 2016 elections. The Filipino boxer became a senator of the country in 2016. He is also able to win his match against Jessie Vargas last November 2016 and claimed the world welterweight championship.

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