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PLDT To Provide Faster Internet Connection Via Regular Phone Lines

High-Speed Internet Connection Using Regular Telephone Lines Promised By PLDT

PLDT Inc. promised to provide high-speed internet connection nationwide using regular telephone lines to end the slow internet connection in the Philippines.

The Telco giant wanted to provide a super-fast internet connection in the country using the regular phone lines existing on the present fixed-line broadband segment. The company looks at this proposal as next battleground of the industries.

On Monday (December 20, 2016), around P2 billion were initially spent to launch the technology in various areas in the Philippine for the next 3 years. “Hybrid” fiber-based broadband technology would be used to provide a faster internet connection on different establishments nationwide.

Internet Connection

The old wires used in most establishments were internally copper. Re-wiring those structures would be too costly and difficult, according to the Telco. So PLDT decided to create a technology that would sidestep the re-wiring process.

“For PLDT, these hybrid technologies offer a way to take full advantage of the company’s extensive telephone network in order to deliver fiber-powered broadband services,” stated by PLDT quoted by Inquirer.

Giga Wire” from Korea Telecom (KT) Corporation and” G.fast” from Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. are the two advanced hybrid fiber technologies will be used to speed up the internet connection nationwide up to 600-700 Mbps per user, varies on the size of their local copper lines.

Internet Connection

The advanced hybrid fiber technology was capable of providing a high-speed internet on the office buildings and different establishments after succeeding series of trials. PLDT did not provide further details but they said 2018 to 2019 around 1, 600 buildings will be lined up.

PLDT chief revenue officer Ernesto R. Alberto said in a statement that they are planning to initially deploy G.fast and Giga Wire solution around 500 building in several areas in the Philippines on 2017.

These number of buildings will be split between office establishments and residential areas. Alberto also said that it was just only the start of improving the internet connection in the country.

Does PLDT can really improve the internet connection in the country through this technology? Just feel free to leave your comments and suggestions for this article.

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