Political Analysts Express View On Duterte’s Way Of Communication

Two political analysts spoke their view on the President’s way of speaking.

Political analysts Prof. Prospero de Vera and Teddy Locsin Jr. aired out their view on Pres. Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte’s way of communicating his thoughts and its effects.

Pres. Duterte is known as a man who holds no fear in speaking what is on his mind. His brave warnings always have a lasting effect. His words have even convinced a lot of drug users to surrender themselves to authorities.

Undeniably, Pres. Duterte has thrown tirades to some prominent personalities recently. One of those is United States Pres. Barack Obama. The 71-year-old President’s words have sparked a lot of headlines lately.

political analysts
Photo from up.edu.ph / Locsin Jr.’s Twitter Account

One of the most recent remark by Pres. Duterte that has caused numerous headlines was his announcement of ‘separation’ from the United States in front of the Chinese and Filipino businessmen during his state visit in China.

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