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Philippine Nurse salary compared to Military salary.

Philippine nurse salary was being compared to the salary of the Philippine Military after a viral post that features the low salary of registered nurse in the country.

Recently, the attention of the netizens was caught by the viral post that shows the salary of the registered nurse here in the Philippines.

Many of the netizens can’t help but ask if our doctors and nurses well-deserved this salary in the new administration. As the pay-slip shows that a registered nurse working 11 days totals only to a measly P2,860.salart

Netizens compared the salary of the nurses to the Philippine National police. According to sources, the Philippine president vowed to provide an incremental increase in the salaries of state forces.

Duterte’s vow to increase the gross pay of personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) was an integral part of his campaign during the May 9 elections.

The report was confirmed by Cayetano in a report from the Phil Star, as he said he has submitted to President-elect Rodrigo Duterte a study containing the pay hike scheme, which would cost the government an additional P50 billion.

“We want to double the salary of the PNP (Philippine National Police). For now, (the minimum pay of policemen) is P14,800 plus a little bit of allowance so they get about P20,000,” the senator said.

“Based on our computations, for an additional P50 billion, we can give a minimum of P50,000. That would be the lowest pay,” he added.

Cayetano said the scheme would raise the salaries of all policemen, with generals expected to receive more than P100,000 per month.

Philippine Nurse Salary vs Military Salary: 'Fair Enough?'

Because of this, many of the netizens can’t help to ask, if our nurses would also get a well-deserved benefit from the administration.

According to sources,  the salary received by nurses in the country is way below what was indicated in the Philippine Nursing Law in 2002 due to lack of implementation by the government.

Because of the low salary, nurses try to look for opportunities in other areas like call centers and some even end up changing careers.

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