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Typhoon Malakas Maintains Strength As It Hits Japan

It is feared that Typhoon Malakas could bring flooding to Japan through Tuesday.

An evacuation has been demanded to thousands of residents in southern Japan as Typhoon Malakas hits Kyushu island.

Malakas has already brought damaging winds and flooding rainfall to southern Ryukyu Islands over the weekend.

On Monday night, damaging winds impacted southern Kyushu and the northern Ryuku Islands.

Typhoon Malakas tracking

Through Tuesday, it will be disruptive but less damaging winds will blow across the rest of southern Japan.

A sustained wind speed of 163 km/h (101 mph) was measured, along with more than 200 mm (eight inches) of rain in Yonaguni.

Local authorities have previously warned the Japanese of the possible occurrence of flooding, soil erosion and gustiness of wind, including big waves in the seas, after Typhoon Malakas hit Osumi Peninsula.

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