Bello Counters Those Who Glorify Marcos Regime

Political analyst, Walden Bello, exposed counter statements to those who believe that Marcos Regime was the best.

BELLO – Despite the news headlines in newspapers and televisions proving some claims of Ferdinand Marcos Sr. to be untrue, still there is a portion of the populace that says that his regime was the best.

Undeniably, there are people who still see and believe that the time when the late dictator was on the highest post was also the time of great economy and stability in the Philippines. Each is still entitled to his own opinion.

Recently, a segment in Kontrabando entailed counter statements to that idea. One of the hosts even addressed the segment to whom he brands as ‘mangmang’ for thinking that Marcos Regime was a flourishing point in the Philippine history.

W Bello

In the segment, a video of Walden Bello, a political analyst, explaining the situations during the Marcos Regime was presented.

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