A perfect Kim Kardashian selfie could never go wrong when you got Nelly on your back. And to say that Nelly is a dog, that would sound ridiculous. But, mind you this dog could be better than anyone out there especially in front of a camera.


Undoubtedly, Nelly has won the internet with her perfect selfie technique. And smiling its own way in front of the camera has even made her an instant online star.

Who would not feel good seeing this video of Nelly with her owner taker a selfie photo? What makes this more interesting and adorable is that Nelly herself knows how to poise in front of the camera without being told.

After trying some of her pose, Nelly seemed to not satisfy with her previous. So she took the right angle.

And Nelly surely knows where to fit in. And guaranteed the output will be just perfect. Don’t forget to see her smile though.

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Video from WebTV68

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