Snake With Legs Found In Isabela City, Philippines

snake with foot

Snakes, as far as we know, are elongated, legless, and carnivorous reptiles we can usually spot anywhere in the world. Obviously, they are life-threatening kind of animals and can be dangerous to deal with, that’s why most of us are afraid in it and won’t dare to touch it.

Recently in Philippines, there was found a snake which unbelievably has foot. Yes. The legged-snake was found by a resident in a barangay in Mallig, Isabela when he was cleaning their house.

Because of fear, man take the snake’s life away but he was amazed to see that the snake has legs. The snake is now dead but people in their town can’t believe to what they saw. Some of them believed that the snake is a lucky charm, some believe that it could be a sign for the end of the world while other people knew that it was caused by genetic mutation.

It’s pretty unusual to see creatures that are not familiar with us, but it’s normal for us to discover new things left undiscovered.

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