Taxi Wars Like Bump Cars in Davao City Viral Video

Two taxi drivers were caught on camera as they fight with each other by repeatedly crashing their vehicles into each other turning their respective taxi’s into a bump cars. The incident happened in Davao City on Thursday, August 21, 2014. The “taxi wars” videos were uploaded online through Facebook and went viral immediately.

In a video posted by Facebook user Mar Israel, a white taxi is seen moving forward before bumping his car into a yellow car operated by Maligaya taxi. The incident happened at Ecowest Drive, Ecoland, Davao City past 5:30 PM on Thursday.

Based upon the video uploaded on social media, the two taxi drivers were heard shouting with each other before the white taxi crashes into the yellow Maligaya taxi.

In the 39-second video clip, the yellow taxi was bumped at least 5 times. Aside from the video posted by Israel, another video was also uploaded by Ronald Zamora Vazquez featuring a 30-second clip showing the yellow taxi crashing into the rear bumper of the white taxi, causing it to lose more of its front bumper.

Watch the viral videos of the Taxi Wars in Davao City:

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