These Victims Were Almost Swept by Floods But Heroes Came, Risked EVERYTHING & Stay Humble!

A flash floods happened in Las Vegas last week, which almost took the lives of an elderly couple. The victims were just lucky that during that particular time, their rescuer came and saved them from the dangers of water current. Their heroes came at the right place and at the right time, risking everything even their lives were at stake to saved the couple.

Watch How These Heroes Rescued the Elderly Couple:

Despite the heroic acts of the three airmen, wherein most people who witness the incident and watched them on TV considered them as heroes, the three stayed humble.

During the flooding incident, the water current was so strong that it could even overturn vehicles and them spinning out of control through the powerful currents.

An elderly couple who was inside a Toyota Prius was one of those who were trapped in the flood, because of the current’s massive force, the passenger were unable to escape from their vehicle.

The victims were just fortunate that a total of three airmen were on the side of the road and risked their lives and came to their rescue. One of the airmen was even carried away by the raging currents but his fellow airmen were able to save him.

Although the three airmen did not considered themselves as heroes, surely the couple whom they saved were grateful with their heroic deeds.

Here’s the video report of the incident:

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