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Alice Dixon Statement on FHM Cover

Alice Dixon Statement on FHM Cover

One of the veteran actress and model of ABS-CBN Alice Dixon, said in an interview that after she poses on men’s magazine, she won’t be doing any more sexy pictorial.

In her guesting on  [email protected] on Friday, Dixon endorsed the FHM Magazine to where she is the cover because this will be the last time that she will showcase her hot body figure on men’s magazine.

When she was asked if the sexy pictorial was just part of her bucket list, the actress said, “It was something that I never planned to do but I think it’s just like love. When the opportunity comes, I mean it just comes at any time, right? You will never know. It will just hit you. It came and I was just open to the idea, it happened, but what comes next hindi ko alam.”

In regard with this,Dixon can’t believe that her sexy pictorial for FHM would make a big hit and huge trend, and she said in an interview that she wasn’t fully aware of how popular it would be , but some of her friends and those who knew the actress told her that it garnered most likes as some netizens visits her on Facebook page.

The actress admitted that she is very happy with the success that she gained in her life.

As Dixon pose on FHM, a lot of her friends praised her because despite of her age still she has a “charisma.”

Dixon is now busy promoting her  film “When The Love is Gone” with Gabby Concepcion, Andi Eigenmann and Cristine Reyes.

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