Korina Sanchez Featured on CNN Worldwide (How Dare You, CNN?)

Filipino veteran anchor and ABS-CBN News journalist Korina Sanchez made a worldwide headlines as she was featured on CNN in one of its episode as reported by the international news media on Thursday. Korina’s picture was included in the report with the headline “How Dare You CNN.”

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Watch the video report of CNN Featuring Korina Sanchez:

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Last Wednesday, Korina Sanchez reportedly criticized Anderson Cooper in her radio program on Wednesday afternoon on her DZMM segment. Korina Sanchez lambasted Cooper’s report on the Philippine government’s less than stellar response to the needs of Yolanda survivors.

Korina Sanchez was quoted as saying on radio, “Itong si Anderson Cooper, sabi wala daw government presence sa Tacloban. Mukhang hindi niya alam  ang sinasabi niya. (This Anderson Cooper. He said there was no government presence in Tacloban. It seems he doesn’t know what he is saying).” Korina said.

The remarks of Korina Sanchez became a hot topic on various social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Anderson Cooper on his part made a statement about the issue.

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Anderson Cooper stated, “Here’s what I actually said: As for who exactly is in charge of the Philippine side of operation, that is not really clear. I am just surprised. I expected on this Day Five, I thought I may have gotten here very late, that things will be well in hand; it does not seem like that. People are desperate, they do not have any place for shelter. It’s very difficult for people to get food, neighbors are helping out neighbors, water is in short supply, it is a very very bad situation here.” Cooper stated.

Cooper also challenged Korina to come to Tacloban City to see for herself, he said, “Miss Sanchez is welcome to go there (Tacloban City) and I would urge her to go there. I don’t know if she has, but her husband is the interior minister and I’m sure she can arrange a flight,” he added.

Korina Sanchez is known to be the wife of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas, one of the key officials in the relief efforts conducted by the Philippine Government.

Korina CNN How Dare You

31 thoughts on “Korina Sanchez Featured on CNN Worldwide (How Dare You, CNN?)”

  1. Anderson Cooper-thank you! Please help my people. I hope CNN will cover the aid coming from different countries and ensure that these reaches the Filipino that needs it. Thank you! Mabuhay CNN! God Bless

  2. Hurray to Anderson Cooper for being honest and helping the Filipino people. Korina is such an idiot and deserves to be fired for irresponsible journalism.

  3. I’m a diehard Korina Sanchez fan. But for me she should never give any comments or criticisms because she is a wife of a government official. I know she’s trying to protect Mar Roxas, but as a journalist she has to be fair and unbiased especially in a national issue.
    I’ll miss her but she needs to be away a little bit. Sorry Ms. K!

  4. Hurray to Anderson Cooper for being honest and impartial! Korina is not a true to form journalist and did not know what she was saying. She should be fired for irresponsible journalism.

  5. sometimes we make a mistake, but we often learn and make it right. We cannot change or make people realize that that we are sorry for it. We have to earned their respect and do the right thing. Its a very simple situation a public apology for. Mr. Anderson Cooper will do or just admit that your facts are defenitly wrong but in your case you cannot do that it will deminish your career as an news anchor / journalist and that is the consequence but still you do the right thing.

  6. She herself is what, a news reporter and radio host. That in itself is a contradiction. Supposedly being objective to provide news and being personal and giving opinions on her radio show criticizing Cooper. At the same time being tied to Roxas and Roxas allegedly being tied to pork barrel….sounds like the slippers are sincere…

  7. If hindi dahil Kay Anderson Cooper bka ala pa sin reliefs goods til now.May napanuod ako news sa nd sa ABS CBn ha at naiyak ung lalake dahil napakaainungaling ng gobyerno sa sabihing may relief goods ba sa kanila. 6 days po ala pa sin tulong at tamang coconut juice lng sila para mabuhay. Maging totio lng kasi at wag pumanig sa kamag anak na nasa gobyerno. Ibalita ang too hindi ung mag imbento ng kwento.
    Thank you Sir Anderson for making us aware of what is really happening to our fellow Filipinos.

  8. Just wondering…if Korina is a news reporter and a radio talk show host; she should be objective and have no bias in reporting the news and she could be giving her opinion on her radio show. This is just two of her public positions that make it already contradicting. She is in conflict with herself. She can’t be objective in the news being married to Roxas.

  9. Another journalist, I don’t know how did she become a reporter and not even reporting to the place where she is needed, all she knows sre gossips and celebrity interview, we do have a corrupt gov. And a corrupt radio and tv station being said they favor there reporters, PLEASE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO DONATE CLOTHES, FOOD AND MONEY MAKE SURE IT’S GOING TO THE VICTIM, MAR ROXAS WILL JUST POCKETED YOUR MONEY.

  10. If Korina Sanches have aspirations to become the First Lady of PI this situation would have been her platform, showing the world and PI that she cares and she did not deliver. Just stay home and be a good housewife. Right now you are irrelevant stay away.

  11. Is one week enough?
    Her reason is that she’s on vacation.
    Why not extend her vacation until 2013 ends?
    Let’s just wake her up when 2013 ends.

  12. It saddens me that everyone has such negative comments about Korina. I’ve read explanations from those more familiar with the geographical location of Tacloban and how it affects the pace of help reaching the victims. It actually makes sense. Maybe if we read a bit more we’d realize she might have a point.

    Well, let’s say for the sake of argument she’s wrong. That she was irrational, impulsive and behaved irresponsibly. Let us not forget that she is a Filipina- she is ONE OF US. Making rude comments about our fellow Filipino won’t do us any good. Perhaps one of the reasons why we don’t grow as as country is because we are not united. Let’s not pull her down with nasty comments (which are, by the way, readable by the whole world). If we really feel the urge to comment about her “mistake”, why not also try to remember her contribution to the news industry? She isn’t a multi-awarded broadcast journalist for nothing. Let’s not pull her down because of this one “perceived” mistake.

    Just saying…

    • @monica
      For the record, i lost countless friends and dozens of relatives. The national government is too busy making up excuses while people in my city lay dead, dying or hungry. One journalist brought he issue to the table and ms. Korina objected to the clear & existing fact, without even setting foot on ground zero. I don’t care if she’s filipino or not. All i care is she should’ve confirmed the facts before blurting

      • @monica
        I have watched the news posted over and over, received messages from my friends in and around the Philippines and even Leyte and we are looking for our friends, collegues in Tacloban. The only reliable news that were forthcoming were from CNN and other foreign correspondents. True Korina is a Filipina, that made ther offense even worst, as a journalist she whouysl have been the one leading the criticism of hos slow the response for relief was. Her real reason, her husband is the Interior Minister with aspirations to become the President, so her personal feelings and views gets in the way of reporting and criticizing the slow relief effort. It was Day 5 already and even the Mayor of Davao was quick to act on Day 2. I am sorry, she missed the boat on this one, she should tender her resignation and she cannot a good representative of philippine journalism and by her actions, the philippine media is getting poked at for being corrupt with her as the symbol.

  13. To Monica,

    To be united does not mean compromising a fellow Filipino’s mistake. To be united does not mean being quiet and let our minds and ideas fade thus making them useless.

    To be united is constructively correcting each other to promote peace, honesty and integrity for the Philippines. To be united is consistently updating ourselves of what is happening around us and inspecting what are being delivered through media are facts and not letting the corrupt officials succeed in their cruel intentions to our beloved country.

    I really hope Korina will apologize Anderson for this. She was being irrational, stupid and uninformed based in her comments to Anderson. Giving a public apology is not humiliating, it is doing what is right.

  14. I have read that she was not suspended but she is merely taking a vacation. Is this another term for ‘alibi’? If you are a TRUE journalist and it is a major story, one would opt to delay their vacation as it is a National topic, the devastation from the typhoon, the delay of relief, the scandals involving the distribution of relief and all other ‘juicy’ news related to the disaster. She can cover a lot of topic from the Vice-President’s politicking, taking advantage of the disaster to promote their own agenda and to relief effort put forth by the DSWD, that of re-packing relief goods from Indonesia to make it appear that it came from the goverment. Wait, she can also report on the ongoing spat between Mar Roxas and Romualdez on who will lead the relief effort, that they can get the credits when the restoration begins. Oh she will not be able to, because she may say that Romualdez has no clue at all (even though he is from Tacloban), and that he does not know what he is saying. At the same time, Mar Roxas knows how to handle everything and that he should be the one leading the relief effort, not just anybody. Because that will give Mar Roxas something to pad his campaign resume for the 2016 election, that he was ‘responsible’ for aiding the people of Tacloban and this will make Korina Sanchez the first lady of the Philippines.

    Ms Korina Sanchez, for the sake of Delicadeza, all it takes is one word… APOLOGIZE!!!. Apologize for your lack of journalistic ethics, for your lack of action in verifying the truth, thus putting a bad light on Philippine jounalism as bias and corrupt. Aplogize for putting your own pride of getting insulted as your husband did not act fast enough in providing relief to the people of Tacloban. Do not offer alibis, as you are on vacation, the FIlipino people are not idiots!!!

  15. to miss korina, before you give your such negative comments on mr. a cooper’s report, why dont you try to go personally in affected areas for you to witness the real situations they are now experiencing???you are just being bias because of your husband!

  16. Korina’s Judgement is clouded by the fact that her husband plays a key role in the government service to the victims of typhoon yolanda. She reacted as if Cooper’s statement is a personal attack to her and her husband. One’s personal life should be apart from their work, especially when you are a journalist. She reacted in defense of her husband when in fact Cooper’s statement is a mere description of the situation he is seeing. He even mentioned practices from other countries (Japan) in times like this. I don’t think there’s something wrong with that except when you are most of the government official in the Philippines.

  17. Wala man lamang bang magsasabi na “She let us Filipino down for the first time”? Unfair nman ang pangbabatikos… Isang beses lang nagkamali un KABABAYAN natin, kinamumuhian agad dahil nakalaban ang isang tanyag na banyaga? Eh kung sasakupin pala ang ulit ang Pilipinas, patay na naman tayo. Siguradong ndi tayo man(removed)o, walang suporta sa isa’t isa eh

    • It’s ok. If they can lead us better that our own government does now. It doesn’t matter who will take in charge, we are pretty aware that our government are full of flaws and cannot even handle everyone of us. It’s not being against with our current government. But the merefact that they have to do their duty for the sake of all filipinos, WHATEVER IT TAKES. they should act responsively and take immediate action with having hidden agenda.

  18. Aljohn, ano ngayon kung isang beses siya nagkamali? Mali parin diba. Dapat tikom bibig nalang dahil 1 strike?
    Isa pa reporter siya at nakikita ng milyon katao. Maling2 ang ginawa niya. Ginawan niya ng straw man si Anderson cooper, by attributing something not true to Anderson. If you listen to his actual report, Anderson did not say such things. Journalist’s need to abide by high standards. She should atleast acknowledge that she made a mistake and apologize.

    Pag mali, mali. Kababayan man yan o hindi. I like what liezel said
    “To be united does not mean compromising a fellow Filipino’s mistake. To be united does not mean being quiet and let our minds and ideas fade thus making them useless.

    To be united is constructively correcting each other to promote peace, honesty and integrity for the Philippines…..”

    Slippery slope ka, hindi sinuportahan ang taong mali at ang minali niya ay isang tanyag na banyaga therefore hindi susuportahan and isa’t isa pag sinakop tayo. That is just a dumb (removed) reasoning.

  19. My heart goes out to the people of Tacloban. Mr. Anderson Cooper did a good job. I should not give my donation to ABS CBN. Darn Politics!!!!

  20. My reflection on the aftermath of Yolanda:
    1. The government was incompetent. This a country that gets 20-30 times typhoons per year but absolutely has no proper and effective disaster preparedness program.
    2. Who ever works under the NDRRMC should have proper training abroad on disaster preparedness. Create a program that requires them to be credentialed to do the job and require them to have yearly competency evaluation
    3. Storm surge should have been explained in a layman’s level, Pictures of previous devastation of Palo, Tacloban, Vasey in 1897,1912 should have been shown .
    4. Pres. Aquino should have acted as the Commander in Chief responding to the needs of the people and stop bureaucracy the way Mar Roxas acted/said. The “wait and see” for reports of LGU’s is STUPID.

  21. hindi ka korina dapat maging first lady sa pinas, you are so pangit na, at pangit di ba sa atin pag pangit ang ugali lahat na pangit, hindi ka karapat dapat na magging isang modelo sa new generation as a global world, para sa ating bansa.Pilipino people brave sa mata ng diyos at tao at lumalabas ang totoo at mapayapa kahit nagsusumikap ang mga kabayan sa abroad. kaya ikaw manang koring na wala ang pagkaroon mo ng K. wala ka ng power! As a global world net work na bad image ka na boong mundo dahil pa sa trato mo sa naging housemaid mo. Naku!!! SAYANG bless na bless ka pa naman, nasayang pa nangyari na ang lahat hindi mo na yan maibabalik pa dapat naging double aware ka saiyong respinsibility. may kasabihan lahat may katapat, in his time. God knows everything!!!


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