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Gilas Pilipinas vs. Iran Finals Live Coverage, Scores & Highlights Video

Our live coverage of the the Gilas Pilipinas will face the mighty Iranian national basketball team for the FIBA Asia Championship 2013 Title, it will start a few minutes from now. The winner will be declared as the Gold Medalist in the competition while the loser will settle for the Silver Medal. Both the Philippines and Iran have already secured their tickets to the FIBA World Championship to be held in Spain next year.

Check the Iran’s line-up here and the scouting report of Iran through this link.

Here’s our live coverage of the FIBA Asia 2013 Finas: Iran vs. Philippines: (Live Stats Click Here)

Iran vs. Philippines results

FINAL Score: Iran – 85 vs. Iran 71

Score: Iran – 83 vs. Gilas – 67 Time 1:24

Foul by de Ocampo, Iran at the free throw for the penalty. Gilas 67 vs. Iran – 82

Iran scored by Kamrani Score Gilas 67 vs. Iran – 80 Time 2:10

Ranidel de Ocampo scores for a four-point play. Haddadi foul and replaced right now. Bonus free throw for Gilas Score: Gilas 67-78 Time 2:35

Unsportsmanlike foul by Gary David to Samad Nikkhah Bahrami. 2 free throws and ball possession. Score Gilas – 63 Iran 78

Score: Iran – 74 vs. Gilas – 61 Time: 3:37

Tenorio scores a three points Score 72-59 Time 4:32

Haddadi scores again 70-54 in favor of Iran but LA scores 56-70 16 points lead. 5:53 left

Substitution Gabe Norwood for Jeff Chan, Aguilar for Pingris. Haddadi scores inside the paint. Iran leading by 14 points.

Pingris at the free throw line gets the first missed the second. Score 66 Iran Gilas 54

Score Gilas – 64 vs. Iran – 53 Time 8:43

End of Third Quarter Score: Gilas – 52 vs. 62


Iran already made 16 of 19 from the free throw lines

Alapag for three—-yes score 51-57

Aguilar already have four fouls replaced by Junmar Fajardo

Jeff Chan three-points Score 48-55 Iran leading Time 2:02 in third quarter

Turn0vers Gilas – 7 Iran – 11/ Rebounds Iran-36 Gilas -28

Haddadi for a footback scores 55-45 in favor of Iran. Time: 3:36

Gilas 45- Iran 53

Gilas – 43 Iran – 53

Score: Gilas – 43 Iran – 51 Time 5:13

Score: Gilas – 36 vs. Iran – 39 Time

Gilas scored a three-pointers before the end of First half Score: Gilas 34 vs. Iran – 35

Score : Gilas – 31 vs Iran – 35 Time 1:08 in the second quarter

Philippines officials are currently inside the MOA headed by President PNoy.

Some problems with the shot clock an extended official’s time out was called right now.

Gilas Pilipinas time out Score: Gilas 20 Iran 24

Jimmy Alapag scores a three pointers but responded by Iran’s own three Score Gilas – 20 vs. Iran – 22

Castro scored and got a foul for a three-point play but missed the free throw. Gilas 17 Iran 17

End of First Quarter: Gilas – 15 vs. Iran – 17

Jayson Castro scores three points Score Gilas 15 vs. Iran – 15

Haddadi scored two free throws.

Iran is now leading with three points 13-10. Gilas ball Castro fouled by Sahakiah no. 9 of Iran. Castro at the free throw line scores two points. Score Gilas – 12 vs. Iran – 13

Gilas ball Fonacier failed from three-point range. Iran’s ball fouled by Gary David.

Bahrami scores a three points took the lead 11-10 in favor of Iran

Kardoust scored for Iran, Jayson Castro is now on the floor, replaces Tenorio. Score: Gilas 10-8 Iran

Rebound by Junmar Fajardo who replaced Aguilar at the center at the free throw line right now. Missed the first got the second. Gilas – 10 vs. Iran – 6

Steal by Norwood fouled by Kardoust, the reserve center of Iran. Norwood splits. Score Gilas – 9 vs. Iran – 6

Score: Gilas – 8 vs. Iran – 6

Aguilar score another two points and a possible three-point playmisses the shots but Gilas got the rebounds

Back to back score for Gilas Aguilar and Chan Score 6-4 after Bahrami scores his second points

Jeff Chan steals, first foul for Kamrani no. 14. Chan scores at free throws 2 points for Gilas.

First scores for Bahrami 2-0, back to back misses for Gilas

Gilas Pilipinas First Five:

Norwood, Aguilar, Chan, Norwood, Tenorio

Iran National Team First Five:

Haddadi, Kamrani, Bahrami, Sahakiah

National Anthem of Iraq followed by the Philippines:

Iran vs. Philippines

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