Regine Velasquez Nominated in World Music Awards 2013

The Asia’s songbird, Regine Velasquez was part of the nominees against the music heavyweights from around the world in this year’s edition of the World Music Awards (WMA). She was nominated alongside, the Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo.

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Regine Velasquez and Sarah Geronimo were nominated in three categories: best entertainer of the year, best live act, and best female artist.

Some of the world’s most popular artists namely, Adele, Beyonce Knowles, Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Psy and many others were part of the nominated candidate in the WMA 2013 awards.

The recognition is based “on sales merit and “on sales merit and voted by the public on the internet.” It further adds: “There is no jury involved and the Awards truly reflect the most popular artists as they are determined by the actual fans who vote and buy the records.”

The national member groups of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) provide the WMA with the names of the best-selling artists from major territories.

For more information regarding the World’s Music Awards 2013, just visit the official site of the WMA 2013.

Regine Velasquez WMA

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