Jason Francisco vs. John Pratts Punching Incident Video

Kapamilya actors Jason Francisco and John Prats were involved in a punching incident during the rehearsal of the top-rating show Banana Split on Wednesday night at the Music Museum.

According to John Prats, the incident was a sudden attack from the back of the actor. The Banana Split actor was initially attacked by the former boyfriend of Melai Cantiveros with three punches on his face (cheeks and chin).

The main reasons for the punching incident was probably because Jason got annoyed with John’s ceaseless jokes towards Jason’s ex-girlfriend Melai. John Prats confirmed the incident and he told the reporters that he didn’t know the reasons behind the attack.

Right after the incident was reported, Police authorities rushed to the venue. Prat’s father and his manager and girlfriend Isabel Oli was also present after the said punching incident. John Prats then went to the San Juan Police Headquarters to file a blotter against Francisco.

Jason Francisco on his part was called off by the ABS-CBN executives for a closed-door meeting. Jason was in tears and apologized to what he did to his friend John Prats.

Here’s a video report from Bandila:


John Prats vs. Jason Francisco

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