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Ten People died in Iraq Bombing - Philippine News

Ten People died in Iraq Bombing

Iraq Bombing

Ten people were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a bank in Western Iraqi City of Haditha.

It was midday of Thursday when a suicide bomber came to Al-Rafidain bank in Haditha, Iraq and blew himself killing ten people and leaving at least twenty six wounded people who are said to be waiting at the Al-Rafidain bank to get their salaries.

According to Police Liutenant Ali al-Ubaidi who happened to be in the scene “There was a group of Iraqi army soldiers standing in front of the bank to collect their salaries when a suicide bomber wearing a vest came in between them and blew himself up”.

B(–foul word(s) removed–)im Naji, mayor of the town identified that ten people died, eight were soldiers and twenty six wounded, including 20 soldiers.

This tragic incident in Haditha is considered as the first major attack since the last one on October 5, 2009, where a suicide bomber killed five people when he blow himself up in a funeral, and last August 2 of the same year where four women and three children died in a car bombing.

One of the managers of General Hospital in Haditha, Waleed al-Hadithi was interviewed and said that there were eight bodies and thirteen wounded people, including soldiers and civilians were brought in their hospital, he added that there are possibilities that the number of death toll will increase because many of the wounded victims are in critical cases.

Haditha which is situated in Andar Province was once stronghold for Sunni militants not until during the 2003 Iraq invasion by the US-led forces.

The US Marines had gained bad reputation when they were accused of killing 25 Iraqi civilians in 2005.

According to the people who had seen the crime, US Marines shot the men, women, and children as revenged after a popular comrade was killed in a roadside bombing.


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