Jane de Leon Has This Sweet Message To Zaijian Jaranilla

jane de leon zaijian jaranilla

Jane de Leon plays the big sister role for Zaijian Jaranilla Kapamilya actress Jane de Leon shared her sweet message to birthday boy Zaijian Jaranilla who plays the role of her younger brother in the Darna series. Zaijian is a grown-up lad now. He rose to fame when he starred in the series May Bukas … Read more

Iza Calzado Returns After Death Scene in Darna

Iza Calzado

Joko Diaz “Klaudio” Shapeshift as “First Darna” Iza Calzado Iza Calzado the “First Darna” has apparently made a comeback after being reduced to as in combat as seen in the superhero series’ Friday episode. Narda (Jane de Leon) witnessed what she initially believed to be an apparition of her late mother Leonor in the episode … Read more

Jane De Leon Iconic ‘Darna’ Transformation

Jane De Leon

Most Awaited Scene as Jane De Leon Turns Into Iconic Superhero JANE DE LEON- The lead actress portray the iconic title character for the first time while flying in full battle gear, “Lipad Darna!” was the fitting title of the superhero series’ climatic episode on Friday. In the episode of “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” airing on … Read more

Jane de Leon and Zaijian Jaranilla’s Confrontation Scene Goes Viral

Jane De Leon and Zaijian Jaranilla

Here’s the scene between Jane de Leon and Zaijian Jaranilla that caught much attention online. JANE DE LEON – “Darna TV Series” actors Jane de Leon and Zaijian Jaranilla catch much attention online because of their acting in this confrontational scene. “Darna TV Series” is the newest television series offering of the ABS-CBN network which … Read more

First Darna Dies; Narda Finally Meets Valentina

First Darna Dies

Most Awaited Scene as First Darna Dies and Narda Meets her Archenemy Valentina First Darna Dies as seen in the second episode of “Mars Ravelo’s Darna,” which aired Tuesday and her daughter Narda is now confronted with the reality of being her unwilling successor. Leonor (Iza Calzado) has been discovered by Marte’s adversaries after years … Read more

VIDEO: Darna New Trailer Reveals Janella Salvador’s Scary Villain

Janella Salvador, Valentina

Darna Trailer Teases a Glimpse of Janella Salvador As Valentina DARNA – “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” recently shared a glimpse of the snake-haired form of Valentina, portrayed by Kapamilya star Janella Salvador. Janella Salvador is the daughter of singer-songwriter Juan Miguel Salvador and actress-singer Jenine Desiderio. She’s a well-known actress, singer, and endorser in the Philippines. … Read more

Broken Marriage Vow Series Receives Comments From BBC Exec

Broken Marriage Vow

BBC Exec reacts to the success of Broken Marriage Vow. Here’s what the exec said. BROKEN MARRIAGE VOW – SVP of Format Sales for BBC Studios André Renaud praises the PH adaptation of Doctor Foster. BBC Studios hit psychological drama Doctor Foster has had several adaptations in various countries and among the newest ones to have … Read more

Xyriel Manabat Reveals She’s Open To Be Paired W/ Zaijian Jaranilla

Xyriel Manabat, Zaijian Jaranilla

Xyriel Manabat Says She’s Open To Becoming Love Team Partner of Zaijian Jaranilla XYRIEL MANABAT – Former child star Xyriel Manabat said she’s open to becoming the love team partner of Kapamilya actor Zaijian Jaranilla. Xyriel Manabat started her career in the show business in 2009 after joining Kapamilya’s “Star Circle Quest: Search for the … Read more