Restobar Customer Punches Young Kid Singing Christmas Carols

Restobar Customer

CAROLING – A restobar customer allegedly punched a young kid singing Christmas carols, sparking reactions from netizens. A concerned netizen revealed that the victim was simply trying to earn some money by singing Christmas carols when the suspect unexpectedly punched him in the forehead. The boy cried but refrained from reporting the incident to the … Read more

Young Boy Allegedly Punched by Restobar Customer While Caroling

Young Boy

Young Boy Earns Sympathy Online After He Was Allegedly Punched by Restobar Customer While Caroling A young boy at a bakery was allegedly punched by a restobar customer after inquiring if he could sing Christmas carols. A concerned netizen shared a distressing incident involving a child who was allegedly attacked at a bakery. The disturbing … Read more

Viral Food Vendor in Iloilo Touches Hearts of Netizens

Viral Food Vendor

Viral Food Vendor in Iloilo Goes Viral Online ILOILO, PHILIPPINES – A viral food vendor in Megaworld Iloilo touched the hearts of the online community. A Facebook user named Aliyaah Bianca Candoleza has shared photos of a young boy selling food in Megaworld Iloilo. The heartbreaking post quickly garnered various reactions from internet users. Candoleza’s … Read more

Rendon Labador Airs Dismay Over Video of Young Boy’s Inappropriate Gesture

Rendon Labador

The self-proclaimed motivational speaker, Rendon Labador, has voiced his disappointment upon watching a controversial video featuring a young boy’s inappropriate gesture. Labador has conveyed a strong message to Vice Ganda, prompted by a video clip shared by Jonn Novy Bulanhagui. The clip captures an adorable child dancing to the tune of “Mini Miss U” by … Read more

Young Boy Who Does Module Beside Convenience Store Touches Hearts of Netizens

Young Boy

Hotel General Manager Offers Help to Young Boy Studying Beside Convenience Store A young boy regularly completes his school modules beside a popular convenience store at a well-known hotel in Cagayan de Oro. TikTok user angkol_guard27 has shared video footage of the diligent young student studying next to the convenience store. The clip quickly goes … Read more

Young Boy Stumbles While Wearing Angel Costume ‘Hindi naman po siya nasaktan’

Young Boy

Video of Young Boy Who Stumbled While Wearing Angel Costume Goes Viral Online A young boy, dressed in an adorable Angel costume, has become an online sensation, spreading good vibes and capturing the hearts of netizens after accidentally stumbling during a ‘sagala’ procession. A TikTok user named meyamyamyam shared the heartwarming video featuring her beloved … Read more

15-Year-Old Boy in Cavite Graduates from Kindergarten

15-Year-Old Boy

15-Year-Old Boy in Cavite Proves Age is No Barrier to Education as He Graduates from Kindergarten A 15-year-old boy from Cavite earns praises from the online community after he graduates from kindergarten. “Hindi hadlang ang edad para makapag-aral” This is what Rico Pantoja from Cavite proved when he graduated from kindergarten at the age of … Read more