Julia Barretto Clarifies Her Supposed Comment On Noisy Press People

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Julia Barretto was surprised that this months-old video resurfaced Actress Julia Barretto clarified what happened during a press conference in which she allegedly made this comment about noisy press peopleHello. This is false. Julia’s most recent movie is Will You Be My Ex? with Diego Loyzaga and Bea Binene. This was not Julia’s first onscreen … Read more

Julia Barretto on “Halikan” Scene w/ Diego Loyzaga

julia barretto diego loyzaga

Julia Barretto talked about her new movie with Diego Loyzaga Actress Julia Barretto shared that she has a good experience working with actor Diego Loyzaga in the movie Will You Be My Ex? After the loveteam era in her showbiz career, Julia explored different roles in movies. Prior to her movie with Diego, she did … Read more