Julia Barretto New Movie Receives Praises From Marjorie Barretto

Marjorie Barretto has this comment about the movie of Julia Barretto and Diego Loyzaga.

JULIA BARRETTO – “Will You Be My Ex?” is not just an ordinary rom-com for Marjorie Barretto and this is her comment about it.

Celebrities Julia Barretto and Diego Loyzaga were paired for the first time called “Will You Be My Ex?”, a romantic-comedy movie. This is their first time to be working with each other on the big screen.

However, they are not total strangers to each other when it comes to working together. They have already worked together before in television series.

The film is directed by Real Florido. Julia and Diego are also friends for a very long time and this is the project the actress immediately said “yes” to even without the script. She instantly gave her nod after hearing the story and the script became the icing on the cake.

And among the people present during the premiere night for her film is her mother Marjorie Barretto. For her mother, this movie stands out. It is accordingly not just an ordinary romantic-comedy film, it gives a new perspective on love and letting go.

In an Instagram post, Marjorie shared that she is her daughter’s worst critic, and for this movie, as she watched it from her seat, it seemed like she was not watching her daughter.

She said, “You were AMAZING, raw, and natural in this movie Jul. Believe me when I say that I am Julia’s worst critic. Her anxiety from premier nights is coming from what my feedback would be.”

Julia made her cry and she even praised Diego. From her point of view, their chemistry on screen was a “pleasant surprise”. She furthered that the film highlighted the value of self-love.

“You will leave the theater with a new and fresh perspective about break ups, letting go and moving forward… with grace,” she wrote.

Check out her post below:


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