Ex-President Duterte Offers Help to DILG Sec to Fight Illegal Drugs

Duterte Help DILG Secretary

Ex-President Duterte Wants to Help DILG Sec on Battle with Illegal Drugs Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte offers help to the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Benhur Abalos to fight illegal drugs. On his official Facebook page, DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos posted a video of the former president of the Philippines congratulating him on … Read more

Rodrigo Duterte Rejects Offer to Become Drug Czar Under Marcos

Ex-President Duterte Rejects to Become Drug Czar Under Marcos Admin Former President Rodrigo Duterte rejected the offer to become the drug czar under the administration of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. Former President Rodrigo Duterte, known for his ruthless campaign against illegal drugs during his presidency, stated on Wednesday night that he would not serve … Read more

Ex-President Duterte Admits There’s Abuse During “War on Drugs”

Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte Admits Abuse During “War on Drugs” Campaign RODRIGO DUTERTE – The ex-president admitted that there was abuse during his administration’s “war on drugs” campaign. In an SMNI television interview, Duterte did not refute President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s claim that there was abuse in some government departments during his administration’s drug war. He … Read more

Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte on ICC: “If I rot in prison, so be it”

Rodrigo Duterte ICC

Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte Ready to Face the Charges to be Filed by ICC RODRIGO DUTERTE – The ex-president of the Philippines says he is ready to face the charges that will be filed by International Criminal Court (ICC). Duterte seems unconcerned about the ongoing issue of the ICC probe into his administration’s contentious drug campaign.  … Read more

Ex-Caloocan Cop Found Guilty of Killing 2 Teens in Drug War

Ex-Caloocan Cop Arrested Over Murder of 2 Teens During Drug War An ex-Caloocan cop was found guilty of murdering two (2) teens during the Duterte administration’s bloody drug war. Former PO1 Jeffrey Perez is serving a 40-year jail sentence for the 2017 murders of two teens, Carl Anthony Arnaiz and Reynaldo “Kulot” De Guzman. Perez was … Read more

Sen Padilla Files Resolution to Defend Ex-President Duterte from ICC

Sen Robin Padilla Resolution Defends Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte from ICC Probe Senator Robin Padilla files a resolution to defend ex-president Rodrigo Duterte from the probe by the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Senator introduced legislation to safeguard former President Rodrigo Duterte from an ICC inquiry on the country’s drug war. Duterte was charged with crimes … Read more

Manny Pacquiao Speaks on War on Drugs If He Wins President

Manny Pacquiao

Sen. Manny Pacquiao Reveals Plan on Drug War if he wins President in May 2022 MANNY PACQUIAO – The PROMDI standard-bearer spoke on the war against drugs if he wins president in the May 2022 Election. One of the campaigns that the Duterte administration is popular of is the campaign against illegal drugs. Back when … Read more

Duterte ‘Walang Sinayang’, Nograles Said About ‘War on Drugs’

president rodrigo duterte karlo

Nograles said that Duterte has done well in “war on drugs” Presidential Spokesperson Karlo Nograles said that President Rodrigo Duterte “walang sinayang” when it comes to the campaign against prohibited drugs. In 2016, this was one of the programs that the former Davao City Mayor strongly presented to the public. He even imposed a deadline … Read more