Volunteer Allegedly Using Frontliner ID to Sell ‘Shabu’ in Manila Got Arrested

Volunteer Use His Frontliner ID to Sell Illegal Drugs in Manila Got Arrested MANILA – A barangay volunteer got arrested after caught selling illegal drugs called ‘shabu’ and allegedly use his frontliner ID for exemption. According to information provided by Police Captain Philipp Ines, spokesman for Manila Police District Station 4, the suspect was identified … Read more

Frontliner Who Died Due to Heatstroke Amid Duty, Hailed as Hero

Frontliner Considered as Hero After He Died Amid Duty Due to Heatstroke CAINTA – A frontliner who died due to heatstroke while doing his duty amid the scorching heat of the sun in Cainta, Rizal considered as a hero. A frontliner in Cainta, Rizal identified as Arvic Macarilay, 38, died due to severe heat of … Read more

Farmer Earn Praise Online for Sharing his Banana to Frontliners

Netizens Lauded Generous Farmer for Giving Free Bananas to Frontliners VIDEO – a generous farmer seen giving free bananas to frontliners goes viral on social media and earned praise from the online community. Since the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has stricken the Philippines lots of Filipinos have been affected. Lots have lost their jobs and their … Read more

Brgy. Volunteer Was Badly Beaten by a Family He Prohibited to Enter

Brgy. Volunteer Manning Checkpoint Was Badly Beaten by a Family A barangay volunteer who was manning a checkpoint was badly beaten by the family from other barangay after he prohibited to enter. In a report of GMA News, a 63-year-old barangay volunteer was wounded after he was badly beaten by three men when he prohibited … Read more

Richard Quan Shares Experience as Volunteer Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Richard Quan Shares His Experience as Volunteer Amid COVID-19 Crisis Veteran actor Richard Quan shares his experience in helping fellow citizens during an enhanced community quarantine in Luzon. Recently, Richard Quan, 48, became a trending topic last week because he became emotional while seeking for help from fellow artists on a radio program. This is … Read more