Kindergarten Student Refuses to Attend School Due to Wearing the Same Uniform as His Classmates

Kindergarten Student

Kindergarten Student Refuses to Go to School for Wearing Same Uniform as His Classmates A kindergarten student has gone viral online for refusing to attend school due to wearing the same uniform as his classmates. Kindergarten is a critical phase in a child’s life, typically occurring between the ages of four and six. It serves … Read more

Woman Wanted for Kidnapping Nabbed after Wearing PNP Uniform

Woman Wearing PNP Uniform Arrested and Discovered Wanted for Kidnapping Authorities arrested a woman for wearing Philippine National Police (PNP) uniform and was discovered to be wanted for kidnapping. A woman was stopped by PNP Batangas after being found wearing a uniform without authorization. It was determined that the 36-year-old lady was wanted in connection … Read more

Paolo Gumabao Gets Subpoena for TikTok Video with SAF Uniform

Paolo Gumabao Gets Subpoena from PNP over TikTok Video Wearing SAF Uniform Actor Paolo Gumabao receives a subpoena from the Philippine National Police (PNP) for dancing on social media while wearing a SAF uniform. Paolo disclosed that the PNP Special Action Force (SAF) had served him with a subpoena during a press conference on Monday … Read more

Security Guard Jailed for Wearing PNP Uniform, Unlicensed Gun

Security Guard Wearing PNP Uniform Arrested after Evading Checkpoint Real police officers arrested a security guard for allegedly unauthorized wearing the uniform of the Philippine National Police (PNP). After being discovered in possession of an unauthorized firearm while donning a tactical block PNP outfit, a security guard was sentenced to prison. According to the report, … Read more

Policeman Not in Uniform Apprehends Motorists w/ Backriders Without Barrier


Policeman Not in Uniform Caught on Camera Apprehending Motorists w/ Backriders Without Barrier The video footage of a policeman not wearing his uniform while apprehending motorists with backriders without barrier goes viral. Police officers are public servants hired by the government to serve and protect the public from any form of threats and terrorisms. They … Read more