Mariel Padilla Pens Message For Toni Gonzaga, Paul Soriano

Mariel Padilla

Toni Gonzaga confirms second pregnancy and Mariel Padilla has this message for her. MARIEL PADILLA – Multimedia star Toni Gonzaga is pregnant again and this is the message Mariel Padilla penned for her. In a previous article, Toni Gonzaga put an end to longtime rumors about her pregnancy by posting a video taken from her … Read more

Toni Gonzaga Big Baby Bump Spotted In A Video

Toni Gonzaga

In a video, the big baby bump of Toni Gonzaga was spotted. TONI GONZAGA – Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga has not confirmed that she’s pregnant again yet but this video showed that she is. Early this year, talent manager and vlogger Ogie Diaz’s co-host Mama Loi noted that actress-host Toni Gonzaga has a different glow. Mama Loi was … Read more

Toni Gonzaga “Baby Bump” In Vlogs Receive Comments

Toni Gonzaga

Netizens have these comments on the baby bump of Toni Gonzaga. These are the comments! TONI GONZAGA – When will Toni Gonzaga announce her second pregnancy? Netizens spot her bump and here are their comments. Rumors and talks about the second pregnancy of Toni Gonzaga have been going on since the start of the new … Read more

Toni Gonzaga’s Intriguing Post Makes Netizens Speculate She’s Pregnant

Toni Gonzaga post 1

Toni Gonzaga Pregnant? Netizens Speculate On Her Intriguing Post TONI GONZAGA – Several netizens speculated that Toni Gonzaga is pregnant with their second child because of her intriguing post. Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga is one of the most talented stars from the Kapamilya network. She and her director husband Paul Soriano was blessed with … Read more

Paul Soriano Wishes to Have Twins with Wife Toni Gonzaga

Rumors are currently circulating on social media that the Multimedia Star and one of the most prominent showbiz personality of the Kapamilya Channel, Toni Gonzaga is pregnant. With all the rumors and speculations, the husband of Toni G., revealed during an interview with the media that he wishes to have twins. The award-winning director Paul … Read more