Young Man Arrested for Allegedly Involving Child in Theft in Antipolo

Young Man

Antipolo Police Arrest Young Man for Allegedly Involving Child in Theft ANTIPOLO, RIZAL – An 18-year-old man was arrested in Antipolo City on charges of child abuse for allegedly involving a child in theft. On Wednesday (June 21, 2024), Antipolo police duty officer PCapt. Carlo Tamondong reported that the suspect had allegedly involved his younger … Read more

Student Falls Victim to Theft in Pasay Coffee Shop


Lady Student Falls Victim to Salisi Gang Members at Coffee Shop ROBBERY INCIDENT – A student allegedly falls victim to Salisi Gang members at a coffee shop in Pasay City. On Monday, June 3, 2024, a student named Deepthi Sadhwani fell victim to theft by a member of the “salisi gang” at a coffee shop … Read more

Woman Loses Over P23,000 to Alleged Budol-Budol Members


Woman Falls Victim to Budol-Budol Scam, Loses Over P23,000 BUDOL-BUDOL – A woman recently fell victim to a scam while walking near Fuente Osmeña in Cebu City, losing over P23,000 cash. The term “budol-budol” refers to a type of scam prevalent in the Philippines, where victims are tricked or hypnotized into giving away their money … Read more

4 Individuals Arrested for Stealing ‘Adobo’ in Nueva Vizcaya


Cops Arrest 4 Individuals for Stealing ‘Adobo’ From Karinderya THEFT – Four individuals were arrested for allegedly stealing a cauldron of ‘adobo’ in Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya. The act of stealing, or theft, is a serious offense that can lead to trouble with the law. It happens when someone takes something that doesn’t belong to them … Read more

Motorcycle Reportedly Taken by Individual Claiming to be Policeman in Caloocan


Individual Pretending as Policeman Steals Motorcycle in Caloocan City A motorcycle was allegedly taken and pawned by an individual claiming to be a police officer in Caloocan City. When someone illegally takes another person’s stuff to permanently deprive them of it, it is considered theft, a serious criminal. It’s a crime with serious consequences for the … Read more

Hang-Out Bacolod Inasal Falls Victim to Theft

Hang-Out Bacolod Inasal

Thieves Ransacked Hang-Out Bacolod Inasal in Sipalay City The Hang-Out Bacolod Inasal in Sipalay City Public Plaza falls victim to theft, losing cash and important valuables. Theft is the act of taking someone else’s property without their permission to permanently deprive them of it. It is considered a criminal offense and is punishable by law. … Read more

Man Arrested for Stealing Manhole Cover in Malate, Manila

Manhole Cover

Desperate Man Arrested for Stealing Manhole Cover A man has been arrested after stealing a manhole cover in Malate, Manila. He was also found in possession of a makeshift gun and a bullet. The Manila Police District apprehended the man, believed to be involved in stealing manhole covers from various parts of Malate. According to … Read more