Sunshine Cruz Open For New Love, Relationship

Sunshine Cruz

After a failed long-term relationship, Sunshine Cruz remains open for love. SUNSHINE CRUZ – Actress Sunshine Cruz shares that she is still open to new love despite the failure of her two previous relationships. In a previous article, actress Sunshine Cruz confirmed that she and Macky Mathay broke up and she chose to remain silent. … Read more

Sunshine Cruz Avoids Questions About Macky Mathay: “Ano yun?!”

Sunshine Cruz

While happily talking about her ex-husband, Sunshine Cruz evades questions about her ex-boyfriend. SUNSHINE CRUZ – Famous actress Sunshine Cruz tries hard to avoid questions about her ex-boyfriend Macky Mathay. The talks about the split of actress Sunshine Cruz and politician-businessman Macky Mathay lasted for several months. But this year, in February, the actress finally … Read more

Sunshine Cruz Going Sultry Again At 45, Speaks About New Film

Sunshine Cruz

This is what Sunshine Cruz said about doing provocative roles again. SUNSHINE CRUZ – Dramatic actress Sunshine Cruz shares her thoughts about her new film “An Affair to Forget” on Vivamax. “An Affair to Forget” is a new film from Vivamax which will be aired on December 23. The film stars Sunshine Cruz playing the … Read more

Cesar Montano Makes Statement Amid Sunshine-Macky Split Rumors

Cesar Montano

This is what Cesar Montano said when asked about the rumored split of Sunshine Cruz and Macky Mathay. CESAR MONTANO – For several weeks now, split rumors between Sunshine Cruz and Macky Mathay have been circulating and this is what Cesar Montano said about this. Couple Sunshine Cruz and her non-showbiz boyfriend Macky Mathay are facing … Read more

Sunshine Cruz Current Boyfriend Shares Photo With Cesar Montano

Macky Mathay and Cesar Montano Photo

This is the caption of the post when the current boyfriend of Sunshine Cruz shares this photo. SUNSHINE CRUZ – Former couple Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano reunited along with their respective current partners. The marriage of Sunshine Cruz and veteran actor Cesar Montano fell apart and in 2018, it officially ended as their marriage got officially … Read more

Sunshine Cruz Shares This Photo Of Her Past and Present Partners

Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano

Here’s the photo of Cesar Montano and Macky that Sunshine Cruz shared on social media. SUNSHINE CRUZ – All is well that ends well for Sunshine Cruz and her former husband Cesar Montano as she shared these photos. Celebrities Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano were formerly married but last 2018, their marriage got annulled. One of the … Read more