Commuter Exposes Hardly Practiced Social Distancing Inside Public Bus

Commuter Air Dismay to Hardly Practiced Social Distancing Inside Public Bus A concerned commuter exposes the hardly practiced social distancing inside a public bus where passengers are seen standing. After riding a public utility bus, a commuter named Portia Chua Martin aired her dissatisfaction on Facebook. Despite the government’s mandate to limit passenger capacity to … Read more

Rush of People at Tondo Food Strip Amid Strict Rules Alarmed LGUs

LGUs Alarmed after People Rush at Tondo Food Strip Amid Strict Protocols The local government of Tondo, Manila were alarmed after a crowd of people rush at a famous food strip in the area despite strict health protocols. In the midst of the pandemic, video footage has surfaced of groups of Manileños congregating on the … Read more

Wake Behind Barangay Hall Accosted Over Health Protocol Violations

Wake Behind Barangay Hall Allegedly Violated Health Protocol Halted Authorities accosted a wake behind the barangay hall in Tondo, Manila for allegedly violating the government’s health protocol. The government’s health protocol against COVID-19 was found to be broken during a wake conducted close behind the barangay hall. Several bottles of booze were discovered in the … Read more

Quezon City LGU Arrested 1,700 Individuals Breaching Health Protocols

Quezon City LGU Arrested 1,700 Individuals for Violating Health Protocols The local government of Quezon City has arrested 1,700 individuals for breaching health protocols such as social distancing and not wearing face masks. The Quezon City local government conducted a one-time, big-time operation on Friday aiming to arrest violators of quarantine protocols. The numbers of … Read more

COVID Violators in Negros Forced to Walk Like Zombies as Punishment

Violators of COVID Protocols Punished by Walking Like Zombies in Negros Law enforcers in Negros Occidental forced COVID-19 health protocol violators to walk like zombies as their punishments. Police in Silay City, Negros Occidental arrested 39 individuals who were caught violating the physical distancing protocol and mandatory wearing of face masks in public. The police … Read more

Café in Crosswinds Tagaytay Spotted Not Observing Health Protocol

Café in Crosswinds Tagaytay Criticized for Not Observing Minimum Health Protocol The local cafe in Crosswinds Tagaytay who recently became famous to tourists criticized by netizens after spotted neglecting health protocols. A lot of visitors visit the café as it becomes popular because a real estate company or travel company constructing a new project which … Read more

DOT Condemn Party at Batangas Resort for Health Protocol Violations

Party at Batangas Resort Captured Violating Health Protocols Under Probe Video footage of massive people holding a party at a resort in Batangas slammed by the Department of Tourism (DOT) for violating health protocols. At the ease of strict community quarantine due to the decrease of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases, business establishments are now allowed … Read more

Yantok is Only Used to Enforce COVID-19 Protocols, Not to Harm Violators

Sinas Clarified Yantok is Only Used to Enforce, Won’t Harm Any Protocols Violators Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Debold Sinas clarified that ‘yantok’ will be only used to enforce COVID-19 protocols and not to harm violators. In the PNP press briefing at Camp Crame, Quezon City, General Sinas said that social distancing patrollers will not … Read more

17 Chinese Nationals Arrested For Curfew Violation In Makati City


17 Chinese Nationals Arrested For Curfew Violation In Makati City MAKATI CITY – 17 Chinese nationals were recently arrested inside a bar in Makati City for violating the curfew amid COVID-19 pandemic. Makati Police Assistant Chief of Police for Operations (ACOPO) Major Tyronne Valenzona said that the foreigners were drinking inside the Xiaolongkhan Restobar found … Read more