Catriona Gray Defends Newly-crowned MUP 2020 Rabiya Mateo From Criticisms

Catriona Gray & rabiya Meteo

Catriona Gray Expresses Support for Newly-crowned MUP 2020 Rabiya Mateo CATRIONA GRAY – Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray defended Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo from criticisms. Iloilo’s Rabiya Mateo won the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 title over heavily-favorite candidates during the grand finals of the national pageant aired Sunday, Oct. 25. Her triumph turned … Read more

Sandra Lemonon to MUPH 2020 Issue: ‘I don’t have chismizz. I have facts’

Sandra Lemonon

MUPH 2020 candidate Sandra Lemonon continues to speak cryptic statements about pageant. SANDRA LEMONON – Taguig City’s candidate for Miss Universe PH 2020 Sandra Lemonon goes on with her rants online about pageant. Right after the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 pageant has concluded, one of the contestants who is from Taguig City and considered as … Read more

Clint Bondad Reacts To Sandra Lemonon’s Cryptic Posts

Clint Bondad Sandra Lemonon 3

Sandra Lemonon’s Cryptic Posts About MUP Elicit Reaction From Clint Bondad CLINT BONDAD – Controversial Filipino-German actor and model Clint Bondad reacted to Sandra Lemonon’s cryptic posts. Taguig’s representative in the recently concluded Miss Universe Philippines (MUP) pageant, Sandra Lemonon, trended on Twitter on Sunday after making cryptic posts about the pageant. She said she … Read more

Rabiya Mateo Receives VIP Treatment? Here’s Truth To This

Rabiya Mateo

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo has VIP treatment? RABIYA MATEO – Newly crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2020 allegedly received VIP treatment in the pageant, here’s the truth to this. Miss Iloilo Rabiya Mateo was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2020 but controversies surfaced and intriguing statements have caught social media attention. Taguig City’s Sandra Lemonon and Quezon City’s Michele Gumabao … Read more

Shamcey Supsup, Sandra Lemonon, MUP Issue: Pageant fan spills the tea

shamcey supsup sandra lemonon

Here’s what a pageant fan said about Shamcey Supsup, Sandra Lemonon, and the MUP issue The names of Shamcey Supsup, Sandra Lemonon, and the Miss Universe Philippines Organization were entangled together in an issue that happened during the coronation night. Shamcey, as the National Director of the MUPO defended the organization against the accusation from … Read more

Rabiya Mateo Cheated? One Candidate Reveals Something About Rumors

Rabiya Mateo

One Candidate from Miss Universe PH 2020 speaks about Rabiya Mateo and the cheating allegations. RABIYA MATEO – Controversial victory of Rabiya Mateo in Miss Universe PH 2020 sparked cheating rumors, Miss Davao City speaks about this. Bitter and sour losers. That’s what some people call candidates Taguig City’s Sandra Lemonon and Quezon City’s Michele … Read more

Rabiya Mateo Reveals Why MUP Filmed Different Versions Of Coronation

Rabiya Mateo Miss Universe Philippines

Rabiya Mateo Reveals Reason Why Miss Universe Philippines Filmed Different Versions Of Coronation RABIYA MATEO – Newly crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo revealed the reason why the organization filmed different versions of the coronation. Filipina-Indian beauty queen Rabiya Mateo was one of more than 40 candidates in the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 pageant. … Read more

MUP Expresses Support For Iloilo’s Rabiya Mateo Amid Cheating Issue

MUP 2020 Rabiya Mateo

MUP Official Stands By Win Of Iloilo’s Rabiya Mateo Amid Controversy MUP – Miss Universe Philippines official Albert Andrada expressed his support for Iloilo’s Rabiya Mateo amid controversy. On Sunday, October 25, Iloilo’s rep Rabiya Mateo was crowned as Miss Universe Philippines 2020. Sadly, her triumph at the prestigious beauty pageant came with several issues … Read more

Sandra Lemonon “Not Yet Done”, Posts More Intriguing Statements

Sandra Lemonon

Here’s more intriguing posts from Sandra Lemonon after losing in Miss Universe PH 2020. SANDRA LEMONON – Miss Universe PH 2020 Top 16 finalist Sandra Lemonon posts more “bitter comments” after the pageant. Taguig City’s representative Sandra Lemonon was trending online after making cryptic and intriguing posts online about the truth and facts she is … Read more